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Nomad in a beduine tent with camel
Not only nomads travel around the world.

On a trip around the world

And suddenly the world has changed. The corona pandemic has turned everything upside down. The virus is coursing through the world and is putting an end to our nomadic lifestyle. Government regulations and the fear of being infected by the virus lock us up. We are no longer able to escape into our usual activities. Gyms. Swimming pools. Shopping. Eating out. Having a drink. Going to see friends in the bar. Traveling.

Nomads in everyday life

So far our lives have been characterized by being in motion – with the freedom to decide where to go, which is the most natural thing in the world for us. A voluntary nomadic existence in every day life. We move from place to place. Do we still take the time to notice the world? When we travel, we do it in order to return armed with photos to glorify the beauty of the world. We have seen all the interesting sites, sometimes solely through the lens of the camera. Did we have a chance to experience these places? Did we have a sense of connection with the place before we moved on and moved on to the next target – the next attraction?

Quarantined or staying relaxed?

Sometimes we do take our time. Just some of the time. And then, even I can manage to center myself. Step by step. Mindful. It usually starts with an increased awareness about my body. I stop running away from myself and my own thoughts. It's like leaving my nomadic state of existence and arriving back home within myself. Hello me! The carousel of thoughts calms down. I feel empty in a way. And at the same time I feel so much more. To experience such moments is a blessing. Recharging my batteries. I usually manage to recharge best when I am close to the water. With sunshine. Far away from everyday life.

And now? How am I supposed to find this inner calm when I am quarantined with myself and missing impulses from the outside? People and their stories. Places and their history. All important events suddenly occur only within me or withinmy closest surroundings. The awakening blossoms of the almond tree in the neighbors' garden are not only greeting the bees. The colorful carpet of primroses and crocuses is shining in the bright sunlight for me. I remove the brown, withered autumn leaves and enjoy the purity of the new beginning. Spring is ready to sprout. Expanding. And I feel the spring – in a way I haven't felt it for a very long time. For I am here and on the move. It' s not even possible to plan a new physicaljourney, because the whole situation is unpredictable. Staying home is the order of the day. The unlimited touring has come to an end. All countries are locking their borders. To prevent the virus from spreading from place to place, people are asked to stay indoors at the behest of the government. Rest and stay relaxed.

Fertilizer for our growth

Only time allows us to grow and establish roots. If you remain and stay, like a tree, in one place. A place where you belong. Where do we really belong when we jet around the planet at a faster pace than our souls? Is our birthplace our home? Is it where our parents and relatives were born? Is home the place where we went to school? Or where bonds of friendship are holding us? Does our partner make us feel that we have reached our final destination at home? Do the children give us strength and stability? Is it house and hearth? The scenery and landscape? The territory of the country? People? The culture or the spirit of the country?

What do you believe constitutes “home”? I believe it all adds up. For some, the place and the roots are the fertilizers for their growth, for others it is the people. And for nomads, daily renewal is the key moment, moving around and embracing the unknown. And when they feel bored, the nomads pack up their tents. Towards new shores. New worlds... people... Endless unrestricted freedom – not only in their mind.

Globalization – the economic nomadism

Globalization has interwoven the economy. It has intermingled the different nationalities. We have turned the world into a busy anthill and all the roads lead to everywhere. We carry on shipping containers by sea and air freight when the roads come to an end. Like grasshoppers we spread over continents. And site-specific criteria determine where the labour is outsourced, where the economic growth takes place. Expansion into infinity. Prosperity and profit. Goods travel around the world. We trade. We negotiate. We move flows of goods around. Maximize profits. The respect for other values is often lost from our sights. The virus is Greta without plaits. It succeeds consistently and at breathtaking speed in doing what the climate conference and climate strikes failed to achieve. A greener lifestyle in peace. On a local level. Free of all unnecessary travel.

Just sit quietly on your butt, my mother used to say, when I was running around the apartment or rocking with my chair. Well, we all are doing that now. We're stuck. We've got to sit still, patiently.

Boost the immune system

How can we take advantage of the situation – for maximum profit? I just started cleaning up. Sweeping out spaces. Drawers. Drawers in my head. My thoughts. Every now and then, I spent five minutes to feel myself and my body. Still I'm using my cell phone a lot. To minimize screen time is maximizing time for myself. I go for walks more because sunlight heals and produces vitamin D in the body, and this in turn strengthens the immune system. While walking, I see people sitting around tables in more than one garden, glasses in their hands, talking to each other. Thanks to the government's recommendation to stay at home and school shutdowns, family bonds are being strengthened. Maybe even overstressed, but the power lies in peace and silence. Grab and hold on to that calmness.

Laughter and caresses strengthen the immune system as well. The slower the movement of the touch, the better the nerves are able to relax. Move over the body of the other person in slow motion with sensitiveness, just with the fingertips. Everywhere. Exploring. Gently. Enjoy what is feeling right. With the government-recommended safety distance of two meters, it is somewhat difficult to give each other a caress. Who knows, maybe 2020 will be a baby boom year.

Nadia Qaud, laughing out loud as usual.
Be happy and laugh out loud to boost your immune system.

Connected despite minimum distance

Take care. Be careful. Take care of yourself. That's what we wish our closest friends and family. Now is the time to take care of other people as well and show them respect. With the minimum distance we respect the health of the whole society. Leave worries and toilet paper behind and look after each other. Be careful and full of care for the world. Being grateful and expressing it to all those who help, heal and maintain basic care. Appreciate the valuable things in life – the connection, willingness to help and the belief that we can do it – together. Remain in peace and be yourselves. Whether nomad or home-bound, with or without tent, take your valuable time. Hold on and embrace the beautiful moments. Even if the virus, like a nomad, has long since Even if the virus, like a nomad, has long gone far away... over the mountains...

Thanks for the inspiration by Beat, Birgitta, Bouqui, Deepak Chopra, Doris, Heidi, Johann Wolfgang Goethe, Kathrin, Kerstin, Seema and my life.

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